Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Old Simpson County Jail

The Old Simpson County Jail located in Franklin, Kentucky, which now houses the Simpson County Historical Society & Archives.  In the picture above, the Old Jailer's Residence is the brick building on the left.  Sections of it date back to the early 1830's.  The old county jail (right) was built in 1879.       

While most of the cells are currently used as storage areas for the archives, this cell has been retained as  an example of what the originals looked like.  Note the hole in the floor.  Of course it is what you are thinking it is, but what is telling is the placement . . . front and center!  No rest for the wicked, and, apparently, no privacy.     

A museum dedicated to the history of Simpson County is located in the Old Jailer's Residence.  On the second floor is a wonderful collection of Civil War era graffiti etched into the walls, as at times the Old Jailer's Residence was also used as a jail.  There is speculation that the drawing above is of John Hunt Morgan.

I should note that there is also an exhibit on the Mantell UFO incident.  As described by Wikipedia . . .
The Mantell UFO incident was among the most publicized early UFO reports. The incident resulted in the crash and death of 25-year-old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, on January 7, 1948, while in pursuit of a supposed UFO.
The Paranormal Encyclopedia exclaims that the "Mantell UFO Incident is one of the most significant UFO sightings of all time."  Our young and erudite docent would have none of it (much to the chagrin of the older volunteers).  As she stated, "I am a skeptical person."  We certainly need more youngins like her.

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