Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seeing the Elephant

It is appropriate that our first major reenactment was Shiloh, as this was the first baptism of fire for the 9th Ky. and our ancestor Joel "Top" Simmons. In his records, it is recorded that "He fought well at Shiloh." Above are some of the fellows from the modern 9th that we fell in with this past weekend.

As Dudeboy and I were busy discovering our new hobby, Dr. J took over the job of being the photographer. She apparently thought the juxtaposition in this photo was very amusing. Dudeboy served as a runner for the Chief of Staff in the battle. Here they are heading towards the battlefield.

I am the one who is out of step with everyone else.

In this photo, the 9th Ky. is under the far off Union flag engaged with the "Secesh."

Like above, our distant flags show we are engaged at close proximity with the enemy . . . a little too close to their loaded cannons at one point.

At camp with some of the 9th. They are probably discussing the substantial hailstorm they weathered the night before.


Anonymous said...

Mane says Top Simmons would be proud of you.

Jay Blue said...

Hi - I'm a direct descendent of Elzia and Elizabeth Arterburn who onwed a large farm just north of Flippin KY. In that general vicinity is the Ward-Lewis Cemetery where two of my ancestors (Elijah and Thomas) have markers, along with Elzia and Elizabeth.
A good portion of my faily is buried in the Neal Cemetery, just south of the Flippin crossroads.
Both Thomas and Elijah were in the 9th KY INF and were believed killed at Missionary RIdge in the Chatanooga campaign.
I'm planning an historical tour of my families' past in June and would really like to see the site where Camp Anderson stood. I'm sure my two ancestors spent time there.
Can you provide any sort of info that may help me in finding the Camp's location?
Much appreciated - Jay Blue (aka Jams Arterburn)

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

Jay Blue,
this link will get you in the area. I will send more info by email.