Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hoptown Saturday Night

Hungry and tired as we were passing through Hoptown, the beacon-like neon sign of Ferrell's Hamburgers* drew us in like a moth to the flame. As we entered the tiny space we were greeted by a man with a booming voice serenading (harassing?) the other tightly packed customers. Finishing his song, he then started questioning the others, somewhat belligerently, about the price of chicken eggs. So, my first impressions of the establishment . . . a cramped, throw-back of a place that caters to the insane. I had a big smile on my face . . .

Only seven seats are available for the lucky few who get a front row view of the flurry of activity behind the counter. As for the food . . . it appears from what little I have read on "the internets" that people either love Ferrell's or hate it. We loved it!

* Start the video linked just after the 8 minute mark.

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