Sunday, December 4, 2011

Civil War Homeschool Day

This past Friday, Dudeboy participated in a homeschool day pertaining to the new temporary exhibit at the Frazier History Museum (in Louisville) called "Civil War: My Brother, My Enemy."

Dudeboy got to see just how far a person close to his age can take re-enacting. This drummer boy did a great job at getting Dudeboy stoked for his new hobby.

As part of the lesson we saw an interpretation for Robert Gould Shaw . . . the interpretor apologized for misplacing Gould's moustache and soul patch.

And Dudeboy got to watch a presentation about Clara Barton.

A highlight of the exhibit "Civil War: My Brother, My Enemy" were these gallows rings from the execution of Champ Ferguson.


Anonymous said...

Could that drummer boy actually drum? The Champ Ferguson display was kinda eerie wasn't it?
Uncle Vic

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

I'd say that kid could drum. The kid was pretty sharp.