Sunday, October 2, 2011

Octagon Hall

Saturday was such a beautiful day that we had to get out and do something, so we ambled down to road towards Franklin, Kentucky to Octagon Hall. We have passed by this place hundreds of times, but had never stopped by to investigate. Completed in 1859, Octagon Hall, according to the brochure, is the "only surviving Octagonal house in Ky." Most of the rooms now contain exhibits pertaining to the Civil War.

Originally the home had a cupola which was removed due to damage sustained by a lightning strike back in 1918.

For better or worse, the home is now mostly known for the "paranormal investigations" of haints and such. Here Dr. J and Dudeboy are looking at some of the press clippings. Apparently, Octagon Hall is a ripe location for EVP (Electronics Voice Phenomenon). Interpreted in one recording is the voice of a little girl asking "Will you play with me?" Another voice, recorded at the gravesite of a Mary Elizabeth, supposedly sings "Blinded By the Light," which the website explains as "Mary trying to sing a song she heard an investigator sing." I am just curious if Mary sang the corrupted next line in the song.

A display pertaining to Marcellus Jerome Clarke (aka "Sue Mundy") . . . a local boy who became an infamous Confederate guerilla. Clarke was hanged in Louisville near the end of the war.

As we were nearby, we also payed a visit to the gravesite of Sue Mundy in Franklin.

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