Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Morgan's Great Raid . . . part 4, Side Excursions

I know you are getting tired of reading about Morgan's Raid, and I am getting tired of writing about it. However, I beg your patience for one last entry. What follows are the extra-curricular activities that were needed to keep Dr. J and Dudeboy sane.

John Hunt Morgan in the Ohio State Penitentiary . . . actually, Dudeboy at Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg, Ky. It is located in the former jail for Meade County. Many years ago, Adonis Gorr and I wandered through the structure when it sat abandoned. It is nice to see that it has been saved. And the pizza was pretty darn good.

The grist mill at Squire Boone Caverns, which has been rebuilt on top of the original foundations laid by Squire Boone. Interesting, Morgan destroyed two other mills nearby, but this one somehow escaped detection during the raid.

One of the many formations in this very scenic cave.

Here lies what is left of Squire Boone . . . he was the brother to Dudeboy's great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother Hannah Boone.

The mill at Metamora, Indiana. Unfortunately, it was not running the day we visited.

Aboard the horse-drawn canal boat at Metamora. At one time, the canal was around 100 miles long. However, today the trip only lasts about 30 minutes or so.

This is the Duck Creek Aqueduct . . . a covered bridge that allows the canal to pass over the creek below.

We spotted this ? not far from Hanoverton, Ohio. We had to pull over and get some pictures (which do it no justice).

This thing is rigged to shoot flames out of one appendage!

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park has recreated Dupont, Indiana at the time of Morgan's Raid. Walk through the covered bridge, and you are transported back to 1863. It was a perfect way for us to end our "great raid" of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

From the historical marker at the real town of Dupont . . . "Confederate forces under Gen. John Hunt Morgan camped near Dupont the night of July 11. They destroyed railroad track, burned bridges, freight cars and a warehouse, and stole 2,000 hams from Mayfield's pork house."

Supposedly, when one brave (crazy), young Dupont lady cursed at the ruffians, one of them replied that "when this war is over, I will come back and marry you." Of course, the story goes that he did return to marry her.

Dudeboy at one of the interactive exhibits.

Dudeboy doing his best imitation of George "Lightning" Ellsworth.

It took awhile, but the Federals finally caught up with us . . . unlike Morgan, we were paroled and quickly returned home.

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