Sunday, November 21, 2010

John Fife . . . 1782-1848

John Fife (1782-1848) was the progenitor of our Fife family line in the United States. We have conflicting evidence of his parents, so he is as far as we can go back with certainty. It is said that John was born in Alloa, Scotland. His grave is located in the Dellview Cemetery in Hardin County, Kentucky. The grave of John's wife Nancy McGinnis (1788- 1858) is also located here, but her headstone is now lost to the ages.

"SACRED to the memory of JOHN FIFE . . . born June the 2nd 1782. died Aug the 5th 1848. Aged 66 yr"

Seven generations . . . John Fife (1st), Pa (5th), Vic and Scott (6th), and Dudeboy (7th)

Dudeboy found this little guy as we cleared the gravesite of dirt, weeds, leaves and such.


Aunt Pee said...

Pa looked at the pictures and liked them. Wonder why his wife's tomb stome couldn't be found?

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

Well, maybe we couldn't find it because we haven't a clue as to what a tomb"stome" looks like.

Lora Gill said...


You should be in the generation picture. Next time, ask to borrow my tripod.

tom & libby fife said...

Tom Fife says:

Thanks for all the pictures and for discovering John's tombstone. I'm sendong $25.00 to help cover the cost of refurbishing and resetting it. Love y'all.

25 August 2011