Monday, October 18, 2010

Big South Fork, part 1

Smokehouse Tunnel . . . see Dudeboy for scale.

On a cliff-side by Smokehouse Tunnel.

Chimney Rock up close.

Dudeboy in the maze of rocks at Chimney Rock. He dubbed this place "Fort High Rock." It was hard to get him to leave the place. The wind was really whipping through there.

Dudeboy is actually sitting in a small undocumented arch. The big rock looming in the background is part of Chimney Rock.

This is Greenwood Cliff Tunnel. We first documented this feature several years ago.

Dudeboy at an undocumented arch near Bandy Creek.

Dudeboy is sticking his head though a hole in the lintel of the arch.

The arch is located part-way up the cliffside (Dudeboy is standing in front of it).


Anonymous said...

You are certainly an intrepid soul venturing into some of the remote, wild places shown in the photos. Really was good to have you along. See you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Malc, you are a fortunate little boy to see and hike to all these special places.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm, you need to get better at dodging acorns before thanksgiving!