Monday, July 12, 2010

Indiana Natural/History

Vic, Dudeboy and I met up near Taswell, Indiana to look for an arch lead that proved elusive. However, we did get to visit the large Yellow Birch Arch that is also in the area.

Yellow Birch Arch . . . for scale, Dudeboy is in the lower right corner. This arch is close to 40' wide.

After parting from Vic, we then proceeded on to Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. Dr. J and Dudeboy had visited here several years ago when he was only four or so, but he didn't really remember it. So, since we were in the area, we decided to give it another go.

The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial features five sculptured panels by E. H. Daniels. Each represents an important facet in the life of Lincoln. For a description of the Kentucky panel, the national park website states:
KENTUCKY PANEL: 1809-1816.

The Childhood Years of Lincoln.

The Kentucky panel illustrates the years of Lincoln's life spent on the Sinking Spring and Knob Creek farms. On the far left dressed in the style of the frontier is Jesse LaFollette, grandfather of Wisconsin Senator Robert M. LaFollette and neighbor of the Lincolns at Knob Creek. Beside him stands Thomas Lincoln, father of the President.

Seated is Dr. Christopher Columbus Graham, doctor, scientist, and visitor at the Lincoln home. His stories fascinated Abe, who is pictured here at the age of seven. Behind the boy is his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Sarah, his only sister, stands at the chum. On the far right is Caleb Hazel, Lincoln's second schoolteacher.

The grave-marker for Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The exact location of her burial is unknown, but she was buried somewhere on this hill just south of the family's farm.

The bronze casting of the Lincoln family cabin at a place where old timers marked the location.

I doubt that smile would be on his face if those hooks were really attached to buckets filled with water.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed our outing Saturday. Glad you were able to revisit Abe's boyhood home again. Do you have any warts from picking up toads? Vic

Dude Boy said...

Those weren't toads . . . they were frogs.

Aunt Pee said...

Hey dude, It's hotter than the gates 0f Hades here!!! Loved seeing photos of you guys.