Sunday, January 10, 2010

The most dangerous man of the Confederacy

A couple of weeks ago, Dudeboy (and a friend of his), and I visited Bowling Green's Fairview Cemetery to look for the "most dangerous man of the Confederacy."

The gravestone of Thomas Henry Hines.
Thomas Hines was a spy for John Hunt Morgan, and assisted him in one of the most daring escapes during the war. After their capture during the Indiana/Ohio raid, Hines masterminded an escape from the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus (now a parking lot for a NHL arena). Hines was inspired by reading Les Misérables. This was but one of several daring escapes by Hines.

The Confederate Monument in Bowling Green's Fairview Cemetery. The monument was "dedicated in 1876 before a crowd of 12,000."

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