Friday, February 13, 2009

Darwin/Lincoln Celebrations

Yesterday was the bicentennial of the birth of Darwin and Lincoln. We went to Hodgenville to see the state of Kentucky’s celebration of Lincoln’s birthday. I saw the governor speak right before they released the new Lincoln bicentennial penny, straight from the mint. The pennies have Lincoln’s cabin on the back—where he was born. I dressed up as Lincoln and saw three other Lincolns. But we didn’t see any other kids dressed up. Later, when we got home we had a cake to celebrate both their birthdays, and we watched a documentary about Darwin. As part of our homeschool, we’ve been doing “Where’s Darwin?” (reading from his Beagle Diary and finding the locations he visited on Google Earth). He never mentioned his birthday on the 12th . . . He only talked about being seasick!
Dude Boy


Avalon said...

Hey Dudeboy- Glad to see that your father is letting you play with 'his' Darwin doll! You make a great Abe.

Aunt Pee and Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Looking pretty spiffy Mr. Abe! Bet you were a hit at the celebration.

vic said...

Are you considering a career in politics? We need another Abe Lincoln to straighten things out! Great cake, too!! Too bad you had to eat it.
Uncle Vic