Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Geo-Bee and Newspaper Picture

The local home school association participates in a geo-bee to send a representative to the state geo-bee (the winner of which goes on to the national geo-bee). This is for children from 4th through 8th grades. Alas, Dudeboy is too young for that. However, the home school group does have an unofficial geobee for the younger kids from K to 3rd grade. AND Dudeboy won the geobee! He was not sure he wanted to participate, but now he is glad he did. Also, Dudeboy was in the BG Daily News. There is an article about a Spanish program he participates in at the library. He is in one of the photos under the main one of the teacher.


Nana said...

Malc, how exciting that you want the Geo-Bee for K-3!

Where & when did you go to participate in this Geo-Bee? We didn't even know you were participating. Elaborate. Tell us more, please.


Avalon said...

Congratulations Malc! We are so proud of you. That Planet Earth game should be a breeze to you now!

Lynn said...

Congratulations Malcolm! I admire your courage to participate!

Stinky` said...

Malcolm when you're president (or king of the world, whatever) can I be ambassador to some nice warm tropical country? Please?