Wednesday, January 9, 2008

J-Day and the Société Anonyme

Hello all,
Yesterday for our “fun-day” and mama Jane’s birthday, we went to Nashville to go to the Frist Museum. We went to a special exhibit on modern art called “The Société Anonyme: Modernism for America.” We saw works by Duchamp, Klee, Kandinsky, Miró, Mondrian, Man Ray, etc. One of my favorites was a piece of art made with a typewriter by Stefi Kiesler. Some other favorites of mine were “The Train” by Erika Giovanna Klien and “The Red Cat (Die rote Katze)” by Heinrich Campendonk. I also went to ArtQuest at the Frist. It’s a place for kids to make art. I made lots of art. There was this one kid named Mathew that I played with. Mama Jane said, “It was an excellent birthday.”
Dude Boy


vic said...

I'm envious Dude Boy. You're becoming quite the art connoisseur...urbane and sophisticated. Did you find anything to eat for lunch? Did you make the scene at the museum cafe?

Dude Boy said...

Yes, I made the scene at the museum cafe . . . a grilled cheese sandwich.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Sounds like a artful celebration!